Nutritrack is a database that contains annually-updated nutrition information on packaged foods and beverages sold at major supermarkets and fast food chains in New Zealand.

Annual, systematic surveys are undertaken by trained fieldworkers in four supermarket stores and all major fast food chains (20+ stores nationwide) in the Auckland region at the same time each year, enabling tracking of labelling, ingredients and nutrient composition of New Zealand packaged and processed food and beverage products over time.

The Nutritrack Database


The NutriTrack platform is used for a variety of research purposes within the DIET Programme, including the HSR Evaluation and the SaltSwitch smart phone app in SALTS.

There is an application process required if you wish to gain access the Nutritrack Data for research. To find out more please read The Nutritrack Data Access and Publishing Guide and complete the Nutritrack Data Access Application.

Project Details
Helen Eyles 02

Project Lead
Dr Helen Eyles
Senior Research Fellow
Ph: 09 923 4658

Elaine Umali 2

Project Manager
Elaine Umali