Professor Tony Blakely

Programme Governance
Programme Investigator

Tony Blakely


Tony Blakely is an internationally respected epidemiologist at the University of Melbourne (previously University of Otago, Wellington). He is a member of the DIET Programme Governance Group and Programme Steering Committee, and Co- Lead on the HSR evaluation project.

Tony’s research has included pioneering the development of methods to link census and health data (New Zealand Census-Mortality Study; Cancer Trends). He currently:

  • Co-directs the HRC funded Burden of Disease Epidemiology, Equity and Cost-Effectiveness Programme (BODE³). BODE3 aims to build infrastructure (e.g. linked routine datasets) and capacity (e.g. epidemiological and economic simulation modelling) to assess the health impact and cost effectiveness of a range of public health interventions (e.g. diet, tobacco, cancer, physical activity, screening) – and examine their equity impacts.
  • Directs the Population Interventions Unit at the Melbourne School of Population and Global Health. This unit is undertaking research: estimating the causal association of population interventions with health using epidemiological, econometric, data science and other approaches (e.g. analyses of the Health Star Rating on food onto food industry reformulation and consumer purchasing); simulating the impact of population interventions onto health gain and costs, building new methods and models to do the same, and collating 100s of Australian and NZ evaluations into an online interactive league table (Online interactive league table)