Dr Helen Eyles

Programme Investigator

Helen Eyles 01


Dr Helen Eyles is a Research Fellow and Public Health Nutritionist at the National Institute for Health Innovation (NIHI). Helen is a member of the DIET Programme Steering Committee and leads the SALTS - Salt ALTernatives project as well as a Co- PI on the advocacy project.

Helen is a Senior Research Fellow at the National Institute for Health Innovation, University of Auckland. She is the Research Lead for Nutritrack, a proprietary database of nutritional information on packaged foods available for sale at major New Zealand supermarkets and fast food restaurants. Helen’s research focuses on monitoring the composition of packaged and processed foods, and interventions and policies to improve population nutrition including healthier food reformulation, food pricing, front-of-pack nutrition labels and simple tools to lower blood pressure. Her research interests and experience also include children’s nutrition, mobile health interventions, use of sales data to monitor population dietary intakes, and strategies to reduce sodium intake and increase potassium intake in New Zealand population groups.