Professor Tony Blakely

Programme Investigator, Programme Governance Group
photo of Tony Blakely

Tony Blakely is an epidemiologist at the University of Otago, Wellington.  Tony is a member of the DIET Programme Governance Group and Programme Steering Committee, is leading the Modelling project and co-leading the Virtual Supermarket project.

Tony’s research has included pioneering the development of methods to link census and health data (New Zealand Census-Mortality Study; CancerTrends). He currently directs the HRC funded Burden of Disease Epidemiology, Equity and Cost-Effectiveness Programme (BODE³). BODE3 aims to build infrastructure (e.g. linked routine datasets) and capacity (e.g. economic decision modelling) to rapidly assess the health impact and cost effectiveness of a range of preventative and cancer control interventions – and examine their equity impacts.

Tony also has research interests in nutrition and health services and has published over 150 peer reviewed journal articles.