Price ExaM

Welcome to the Price ExaM study 

Recruitment for the Price ExaM study has now closed. Thank you to all the study participants.


What is Price ExaM


Price ExaM was a 5 week study looking at how changing food prices affect the food people buy.  Registered participants were asked to shop in a Virtual Supermarket. Recruitment for the study has now closed and the data is being analysed.

Watch this video to see more about the Virtual Supermarket

Project progress

This study was approved by the University of Auckland Human Participants Ethics Committee on 10/11/15 (for 3 years; ref 016151)


Price ExaM team

The Price ExaM study is co-led by Professor Tony Blakely at the University of Otago Wellington and Dr Wilma Waterlander at the National Institute for Health Innovation.

Photo of Tony Blakely
Photo of Wilma Waterlander
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