Kids'Cam finish data collection!

image of shop from KidsCam cameraThe Kids'Cam team finished data collection in July 2015. Thank you to all our wonderful study participants - we are grateful for your valuable input to answering our research questions.

169 children in 17 schools in the greater Wellington Region contributed their data to the study. Analysis of all camera images collected is about to get underway and will determine the nature and extent of junk food advertising in New Zealand children’s environments. Our partners at Dublin City University developed image recognition software to automatically annotate the images and identify the most frequently advertised junk foods. The dataset also includes GPS data for each participant which helps us know where children were when they saw food advertising.  

In addition to analysis of junk food marketing, a number of Masters and PhD students are also using the dataset to examine other important public health issues including alcohol, tobacco, screen time, green spaces and sun safety.