Dr Wilma Waterlander

Programme Investigator
Photo of Wilma Waterlander

Dr Wilma Waterlander is a Research Fellow at the National Institute of Health Innovation. Together with Professor Tony Blakely, she is co-leading the Virtual Supermarket project in the DIET programme and is a member of the Programme Steering Committee.

Wilma completed her PhD in Health Sciences in June 2012 at the VU University Amsterdam. Her PhD was on the feasibility and effectiveness of food pricing strategies to stimulate healthy eating and Wilma won several awards for her work. She has led a number of experimental price intervention studies including a large Dutch supermarket trial and several experiments within the Virtual Supermarket.  Wilma’s research interests are in food policy, food economics and integrating health in all policies.

Wilma is currently working on her post-doctorate on Sustainable Healthy Food Systems which is funded by a Fellowship from the National Heart Foundation.